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Diagnosis and Medication Management of Mental Health Diagnoses


You can have a healthy and productive life with the right help..

Bipolar Disorder

We can help you live free from the instability of your condition.


Live free and unbounded from debilitating fear through individualized interventions.


Let us manage your symptoms at the lowest possible dose of your medication.

Post-Partum Mood Disorders and Psychosis

Effectively manage your symptoms and bond with your baby better with professional help.

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You Are Our Top Priority My Vision

We envision Dawn of Grace Behavioral Health, PLLC to continue to offer convenient, accessible mental and behavioral health care that changes lives, one patient at a time, for years to come.

About Us
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A Note From Dr. Joye

In 2011, I found my passion! I fell in love with mental health. I realized then that mental health is that topic that no one wants to discuss. Whether it is lack of knowledge, embarrassment, or misinformation, mental health is the topic many individuals and families would rather avoid. This leads to undiagnosed and untreated mental health struggles that can many times cause one to feel lost, invisible, alone, and unheard—but this does not have to be! Your mental health struggles no longer have to be the secret you keep hidden at all cost. My sole purpose with every patient is to help brighten the light that has gone dim in his or her life. I want all of my patients to know that I will listen, I care, and that their well-being will always be my #1 priority. You can expect that I will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will improve your quality of life.

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